Recipe For Success:

  • Women entrepreneurs who combined their years of experience in baking and business
  • Blend with God’s direction (always there if you listen)
  • Add God’s blessing (always there if you are patient)
  • Sift together husbands (very supportive) and gently fold in teenagers (usually supportive)
  • Sprinkle on a generous amount of God's grace (always there)... and start baking!
Begin in April 2002...
When our cakes were a part of friends' birthday celebrations, the restaurant owners took notice and wanted more than just a taste. So we agreed to create desserts that worked with their menus. Soon we were baking day and night. The word spread that there were people who still cracked their own eggs and made baked–from-scratch desserts. The demand was overwhelming! Funny thing, we have more friends too.

Add two years…
Blending in the continued support of many customers, we opened the doors to our boutique bakery, (did we mention we now have multiple ovens?).

We are so glad to have you with us… Be sure to watch this space for the next tier of our story!